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GAMEGOLF PRO release date is November 2018!

For the 3rd product of the GAMEGOLF line, we have been working hard to provide all golfers around the globe with the best technology on the market to help them improve their game.

Combination of high quality sensors and low power microprocessors, our smart tags — to be screwed on the top of the clubs — are making sense out of each swing.

From a technical stand point, our challenges are numerous:

  • Embed powerful algorithms that one would usually run on the server side
  • Seamless experience: no button, no LED that would distract the player. No on/off switch, everything just has to be figured out from the inside.
  • Keep the system low power: the coin cell battery is not supposed to be changed often, and we took great care in making algorithms that will save precious microamps.
  • Secure connections and user privacy

Press Release

San Francisco, Jan 23, 2018

GAME GOLF, the #1 GPS stat tracker in golf, takes real-time shot tracking to the next level with the announcement of their third-generation technology GAME GOLF PRO, providing golfers with the ability to capture the most accurate shot data possible with absolute freedom.

Taking advantage of the industry's most advanced shot-tracking technology is this easy: arrive at the tee, turn on GAME GOLF PRO and play. Unlike earlier iterations, there's no need to tap the GAME GOLF tags on your clubs to the hip device. All you have to do is play golf-and every shot, distance, and club used is automatically tracked.

Incorporating automotive-grade sensors used by cutting edge motor companies such as Tesla, GAME GOLF PRO is so smart that it can differentiate real shots from practice swings. GAME GOLF PRO also doesn't miss any shots and you don't need to have your phone in your pocket, unlike competing systems. In fact, GAME GOLF PRO has its own battery and GPS included so you can leave your phone at home saving you data and battery life, if you choose.

GAME GOLF has remained the market leader in GPS-shot tracking through its relentless devotion to innovation. In designing GAME GOLF PRO, data was analyzed from over two million rounds played by members of the GAME GOLF community across 137 countries. Additionally, top PGA Professionals and touring professionals provided valuable feedback from their experience with GAME GOLF, that has helped in the development of this product as well as working with leading technological component manufacturers such as NXP Semiconductors.

"We are proud to launch GAME GOLF PRO which fulfills our vision to enhance the golfer's on- course experience in a way that's easy and convenient, using the best real-time shot-tracking capabilities available today," said John McGuire, CEO and founder of GAME GOLF.

"Even though we created the GPS stat-tracking category and remain the market leader, we have been dedicated to streamlining the GAME GOLF experience so that golfers no longer have to tap their club on the GAME GOLF hip device. Now, you can just play golf, and GAME GOLF PRO accurately provides golfers with the best tracked data in the game today."

"Incorporating the latest technology from NXP Semiconductors, used in the autonomous motor industry by top car brands like Tesla, GAME GOLF PRO delivers reliable and accurate shot detection that is beyond the scope of competing systems." McGuire added.